AB 2022 boxers release: A unique perspective

Starting off with a history session.

Long ago in the 1920s, a boxing company named Everlast altered the leather trunks prize fighters wore. They added an elastic band to provide more comfort for the fighters in the ring.

This design did not go unnoticed by underwear manufacturers. Hence the arrival of boxer shorts. At first, men didn't catch on. They preferred wearing the warm union suit-style underwear that was popular at the time.

Who Invented Underwear? A Brief Trip Through History – Nooks


Fast forward to now with over 75% of men according to a recent TME 2022 survey, preferring boxers to the historically favoured warm union suit-style underwear. It’s a no brainer, getting it right for the majority and Austin Bodd took it upon themselves to take one for the team.

Ever considered the possibility of wearing all-round boxers that provides the comfort of a traditional underwear, accentuates the male body, looks sexier than any but remains a utilitarian, provides the longevity and made from a heavy, breathable fabric, wearable in all weathers (no sweaty ball man 😊)

Men's underwear comes in a variety of fabrics. Sometimes the fabric of the underwear can affect the quality and the timeline of how long the underwear will last. The choice of fabric a boxer is made from plays a major role in its level  of comfort.

Other than material, comfort is also determined by the boxers pouch, the cut, and where the seams are located. All thought of and executed by Austin Bodd.

Austin Bodd boxers have had 100% all-round satisfactory feedback. With all buyers stating it is the best underwear they have ever worn.

AB boxers are made with organic cotton jersey fabric and feature an innovative ventilation slit with an extra-long inner cut to limit sliding up or shrivels. With a lifetime experience, obviously, and years of research and input; Austin Bodd guarantees unrivalled comfort, utility, and style.


With curiosity looming of this magnificence, I thought I would buy a pair myself and try them bearing in my mind, thongs, G-strings and Brazilian panties are the sexy in my world.

All I can say is comfort, comfort, comfort. I have been wearing these boxers as cycling shorts with long t-shirts and I have gotten away with it many times.  Let this be a public request from me to AB. Please hook girls up with some female leggings and shorts cause the material for the boxers ticks all the boxes.

  •  Feels amazing on the skin 
  • Comfortable for all day wear and any weather
  • None see through, organic cotton jersey fabric
  • Classy
  • Sexy
  • Attention to detail
  • Perfect seams positioning and stitching

And the Austin Bodd ribbon design on the waist rib is a thing of beauty, styles, and branding, it just tops it all off perfectly.

This is not a gas lighting moment, get yours and you will be gob smacked!!

Please do share your thoughts and reviews with me!!



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